12 Ways to Reuse & Style Dough Bowl Candles & Jars as Farmhouse Decor for Living Rooms & Kitchen

12 Ways to Reuse & Style Dough Bowl Candles & Jars as Farmhouse Decor for Living Rooms & Kitchen

The ultimate guide to styling dough bowls from repurposing dough bowl candles. Dough bowl candles and candle jars are perfect to reuse for farmhouse decor and/or organization! Here at Stroud’s Simply Southern, every dough bowl Candles and jar candle is curated to be repurposed as farmhouse decor for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, etc. Minimal farmhouse decor using dough bowls is easier than you think. 

Here are 12 ways for you to reuse those empty candles and style dough bowls using budget friendly dough bowl decor. 

Essentials for every Display for all Seasons


 1. Reuse the dough bowls from a dough bowl candle as a wood candle holder for a jar candle. 

Vintage mason jar candle in a wood candle holder for candle decor

This is the cheese mold dough bowl candle reused as a wood candle holder. It makes the perfect wood candle holder for the 16oz mason jar candle and the rustic paint can candle. You can also grab this cheese mold as just a wood candle holder.


The antique pine dough bowl candle being reused as a wood candle holder for the new rustic paint can soy candleDough bowl Wood candle holder with a rustic paint can soy candle

2. Use the dough bowls for risers for your displays. Whether it’s for a candle or your favorite accent piece. 

Beaded dough bowl candle as a wood candle holder with a mason jar candle for Christmas decor

This is the beaded dough bowl candle that I flipped upside down to use as a riser for the Santa’s Milk Mason Jar Candle. We love this candle because the beads are removable! It’s a ceramic dough bowl, so it has stunning detail.  Perfect neutral decor for every season. 

3. Add a candle ring and a jar candle for a centerpiece and statement piece on your table. 

Dough bowl as a wood candle holder for the mason jar candle

This is the classic chippy white dough bowl. This lambs ear wreath is 5 inches and the 8oz or 16oz mason jar candle fits perfectly. A mini wreath would work too. 

A dough bowl as a wood candle holder for a mason jar candle for farmhouse decor

4. Use the same dough bowl all year, just fill it with seasonal filler! Here are different ways to style them for every season.
• The best part is, it’s all budget friendly decor! Hobby lobby online, target, Amazon and dollar general are my 2 secret weapons for dough bowl decor • 

I use the this 5 piece small lambs ear pick in almost every display for all the seasons. 
I use these mini fabric pumpkins in every dough bowl display for fall farmhouse decor. 

Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and year round patriotic decor. This is the 7 wick dough bowl candle that is 21 inches long, and the perfect centerpiece that makes a statement. 

7 wick dough bowl candle as farmhouse decor for living room

Fall & Thanksgiving Centerpiece for a Dining Table or Accent Table 

7 wick dough bowl candle as Fall dough bowl decor

The pumpkin dough bowl is a best seller, a fall farmhouse decor and candle lovers favorite.  It’s perfect fall farmhouse decor by itself, or add mini fabric pumpkins and a mason jar candle. Neutral fall decor is my favorite to create. Probably because Fall is my absolute favorite season! 

Pumpkin dough bowl candle as fall farmhouse decor

It is so fun to decorate your home for Christmas and the holiday season! The joy and love of the season just sparks so much happiness. 
I use ornaments for dough bowl decor for Christmas, and these ornaments all came from dollar general. They come in packs of 3-6 and are 2-4$. I layered the dough bowl with the lambs ear picks, and uses the ball ornaments and acorns as the main pieces. I added these adorable mini trees from dollar general to accent and add that special touch.

It makes the perfect centerpiece for your kitchen table. So does the Christmas Tree Dough Bowl Candle that is available during the holiday season!


Christmas dough bowl farmhouse decor

Love, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day Display using fabric heart filler from hobby lobby and the lambs ear picks once again. If you take away anything from these, know that these neutral florals are a must for styling dough bowls for every season! I always have a neutral piece in my displays.   

Heart dough bowl decor

Spring & Easter Neutrals for the win! These neutral eggs filler from hobby lobby were a dollar well spent. This is one of my favorites.  I love neutrals with a wood element, like the dough bowl, and this mango wood carrot. It adds such warmth, texture and freshness. You can add a wood bead Garland to any dough bowl display, that’s why I have white, it’s perfect for every season.  It’s minimal decor at its finest. 

10. Reuse a mason jar candle for a faux greenery or floral arrangement.  

Mason jar candle as a greenery arrangement display with lambs pick for farmhouse decor

This is the new special edition, PINK vintage ball mason jar candle. It’s rare and is embossed with the most beautiful pink color. 
This is the same lambs ear pick I used in the other arrangement, as well the cotton. 

So this is just tapping the surface of all the amazing possibilities of styling a dough bowl and jars. Candles should not be meant to burn and throw away (so many of them aren’t pretty and aren’t meant for decor), which is why I started making farmhouse soy candles, the main collection being a variety of unique dough bowl candles. 
For Christmas and winter, I have the snowman dough bowl and Christmas tree dough bowl, which is a customer favorite. 

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