Neutral Fall Decor Ideas with Dough Bowl Decorations

Neutral Fall Decor Ideas with Dough Bowl Decorations

Neutral Dough Bowl Decor for Fall Dough Bowl Styling & Fall Decor Ideas

Here are 6 simple fall decor ideas to use for styling wood dough bowls for a neutral fall decor and centerpieces. Each dough bowl centerpiece only needs 2-3 dough bowl decor items that were very budget friendly, plus you can reuse them every year.

Must Have Favorite Fall Decor for Styling these Dough Bowls

Rustic Brown Dough Bowl

Antique Pine Dough Bowl 

Pumpkin Soy Candle Molds Scented (19.99 set of 3)

Mini Fabric Pumpkins Set ($5)

Orange Dollar Eucalyptus Fall Pick ($1.99)

Cream berries and grass mini wreath ($6.99)

Fall Eucalyptus Pick ($1.99)

Lambs Ear and Pumpkin Mini Wreath ($7.49)

Neutral Velvet Pumpkins Filler (11.99)

Fall Colors Pumpkins Decor Filler

Dough Bowl #1

Fall decor ideas with a dough bowl styled with burlap leaves and fall pumpkin decor

This is the antique pine dough bowl with 2 neutral fall decor items. I used this pack of craft burlap leaves as the base. Then I used the neutral velvet pumpkins set and acorns as filler. This is a minimal, neutral fall decor idea that makes a gorgeous centerpiece and statement piece.


Fall Dough Bowl #2
Fall dough bowl decorations for fall decor ideas

The rustic brown dough bowl looks best with these fall floral picks and white mini pumpkins. It took 2 of the orange eucalyptus stem picks as the base, and the mini fabric pumpkins on top.

Fall Dough Bowl #3

Pumpkin decor in a dough bowl for fall decor ideas

This is one of my favorites because it has the scented pumpkin soy candle molds in it for added fall fragrance! Can you tell they are candles?? 
This just took 2 fall eucalyptus picks, the mini pumpkins, and the pumpkin soy candle molds in a dough bowl. 

Fall Douch Bowl #4

Pumpkin dough bowl with a white soy candle for fall decor

I’m using the pumpkin dough bowl as a candle holder and fall centerpiece. I just used this lambs ear and pumpkin mini wreath, and the white farmhouse ceramic candle, and boom! You have a beautiful centerpiece.

Fall Dough Bowl #5

White candle in a Fall dough bowl centerpiece

This is the brown dough bowl again, with another small fall wreath and the ceramic white farmhouse candle. A candle ring would work too for this size.

Fall Dough Bowl #6

Fall Dough bowl centerpiece with soy candles

This dough bowl centerpiece is super easy. I just used the fall candle essentials bundle of 6 and set it in the 20” dough bowl. It smells like a fall wonderland! It has all 6 of the best selling fall fragrances, like toasted pumpkin spice and vanilla pumpkin marshmallow.

Fall Dough Bowl #7

Pumpkin candle molds in a dough bowl

This is a simple, but beautiful fall display. Just put 2 of the pumpkin soy candle molds in a dough bowl, and that’s it. It’s even more beautiful when they are lit! Plus your home smells like a cozy fall wonderland with your choice of fall fragrances. 

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