Hocus Pocus Candles for a Spooky Aesthetic, Hocus Pocus Black Flame Candle

Hocus Pocus candle, cauldron candle

Will you light the black flame candle? It’s definitely a yes for this one! A collection of Hocus Pocus candles in honor of the new Hocus Pocus. These Halloween candles are sure to bring a spooky aesthetic and Halloween aesthetic. Classic Halloween decor for your home. 

The Hocus Pocus Black Flame Candle is a stunning distressed black dough bowl candle. 

Hocus Pocus candle, hocus Pocus black flame candle

The next Hocus Pocus candle is the cauldron candle. Light it up for the perfect spooky aesthetic and your own bubble cauldron witches brew.

Hocus Pocus candle, cauldron candle

Halloween candle, hocus Pocus candles

The skeleton, skull candle is a fall best seller. It’s a skull shaped mason jar candle that is perfect skull decor for Halloween decor. You can’t have hocus Pocus without skulls!

Skull candle for skull decor

Skull candle for skull decor, hocus Pocus candle

Skull candle for Halloween decor

Next we have the spooky cute ghost candle. It’s an 8oz stoneware mug that you can reuse for Halloween decor or a mug for seasons to come once the candle is finished. The perfect chic Halloween candle decor for tiered trays or risers.

Spooky cute Ghost candle for Halloween decor

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