Fall Decor Ideas, How to Style a Dough Bowl for Fall with 10$ Dough Bowl Decor

Fall Decor Ideas, How to Style a Dough Bowl for Fall with 10$ Dough Bowl Decor

Fall decor ideas by styling dough bowls for fall with 10$ fall farmhouse decor for a neutral fall aesthetic made simple.
Fall candles, fall decor, pumpkins and lattes are some of the best things about fall! Styling fall decor and lighting fall candles are hands down a match made in heaven and the perfect pair. Styling a dough bowl for fall farmhouse decor can be simple and budget friendly. Fall dough bowls are the best way to add fall decor to your living room and kitchen. 
Every dough bowl candle is curated to be repurposed as home decor. I also have just the dough bowl without the candle available.

The distressed black dough bowl candle is a gorgeous neutral fall decor piece to add to your home. Perfect for fall, Halloween, and everyday decorating. It has a modern but rustic style that will sure make a statement in your home. 

Distressed black dough bowl candles

Dough bowl candles are made to be repurposed for home decor. Here are some of our favorite ways to reuse and style dough bowl candles for fall, that are also simple and budget friendly.

Neutral Fall decor ideas with dough bowl decor

Styling the rustic brown wooden dough bowl

 This is so simple but stunning! Just use 2 fall picks and mini fabric pumpkins for a fall centerpiece! 

Styling the Pine Dough Bowl for Fall

Reuse any of our dough bowl candles and add these fillers. These pumpkins from Amazon are some of my favorites. Add this fall foliage of acorns and berries from target as the base in the dough bowl. Then add these adorable fabric pumpkins that come in a set of 10 from target. I found some other small pumpkins at dollar general and hobby lobby online. 
Then I added some real acorns that were laying around the yard to add some texture and color. And that’s it. Simple, quick and very inexpensive. You now have a beautiful table centerpiece for your fall decor.  Tap here to see the IG reel on styling these bowl! 

Fall dough bowl candle and fall decor

Styling the Mega Brown Dough Bowl for Fall

This is the mega dough bowl candle that is around 21 inches long. I used the same fabric pumpkins  from target, and the acorns from the yard. But I used lambs ear picks from hobby lobby for the base in this one, and it made it look stunning. We are loving the neutral aesthetic and fall vibes. 

Long dough bowl candle is styled for fall

Styling the Pumpkin Dough Bowl for Fall

The pumpkin dough bowl candle is a stunning statement piece that instantly brings elegance, coziness and farmhouse fall vibes

Pumpkin dough bowl centerpiece for fall decor

For this first pumpkin display, I just used this neural fall mini wreath, and the white farmhouse ceramic jar candle to create a beautiful, neutral statement fall centerpiece. This one is perfect for a Thanksgiving centerpiece too!

For the second pumpkin display, I used the lambs ear picks are the base, and the mini fabric pumpkins are set on top of them. I added the 5oz Mason jar candle and 2 wood bead garlands for some more neutral fall vibes. This is definitely the centerpiece and focal point of your decor and displays. It takes the stage! 
Brown Mini Pumpkin Dough Bowl  
Chippy White Mini Pumpkin Dough Bowl  
7 Wick Pumpkin Dough Bowl Candle

The pumpkin dough bowl is available during early fall in very limited quantities, so sign up for the VIP email list to get first dibs on seasonal best sellers! 

Pumpkin dough bowl centerpiece for fall decor

Pumpkin dough bowl candle fall decor

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