The Skull Candle for Chic Halloween Decor for your Home Indoors

Skull candle for chic Halloween decor indoors

The skull candle is one of my best selling fall and Halloween candles. It offers spooky chic Halloween decor and spooky season vibes to your home for the season. Having Halloween decor for indoors is just as fun as Halloween decor outdoors. Its also perfect to incorporate into your fall decor. 

Choose your scent, and have your home fill up with the powerful scent throw of this hand poured  to order skull candle. They are made with a powerful hot and cold scent throw, so you can smell the fragrance without lighting the candle! Plus, they are 100% natural and eco friendly, with plant based essential oils blended in. 

The first is the skull mason jar candle that is perfect spooky season decor, but always great fall decor too.


Skull candle for chic Halloween decor on a tiered tray

Skull candle for chic Halloween decor indoors

Next up is the skull candle molds for a spooky Halloween decor that adds spooky vibes to any display.

You can put these in a dough bowl, on a candle holder, or part of your spooky table setting or centerpiece! Choose your scent so you can smell the wonderful fragrance even if you choose not to light it! 

Skull candle molds for Halloween decor



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