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Wooden heart dough bowl for valentines decorations diy

Valentines Decorations DIY Ideas 

Here are some easy Valentines decorations DIY that use the wooden heart dough bowl. These are a neutral boho decor style and make a stunning centerpiece. The base for all of these DIY Valentines decor is the best selling large wooden heart dough bowl that can be used after Valentine’s Day for spring decor, Mother’s Day decor and summer decor.

Most of the decor is from hobby lobby online, but Amazon also has many of the same items. I linked Amazon products if hobby lobby is out of stock. 

DIY Valentines Decor Idea 1

Wooden Heart dough bowls for valentines decorations diy

This heart dough bowl centerpiece uses neutral and warm tones while adding a hint of color to make it pop while remaining a neutral boho style.

You just need these fabric Heart fillers, lambs ear picks (I only used 2), and this beautiful chunky wood heart chain link from hobby lobby.

Other options for the wooden heart

wooden heart sitter
• wooden heart link chain 

DIY Valentines Decor Idea 2

Heart dough bowl candles for valentines decorations

This is a super simple decor idea that uses the new heartland dough bowl candles as the focal point. Set it in a rattan or woven tray, this one is 12$ from dollar general, and use the rest of the fabric heart fillers from the previous decor idea.

DIY Valentines Decor Idea 3

Wooden heart dough bowl with Valentines decorations diy

This is another idea using some of the same pieces from the 1st idea. Use the wooden heart dough bowl, place the wooden heart chain, these adorable valentines ceramic mushrooms decor, and a mason jar candle in the bowl in a triangle shape.

These mushrooms were from hobby lobby online last year, but they are a huge trend in home decor this year.

Valentines Decor Idea 4

Heart dough bowl candles for Valentines Day

The simple ceramic chippy white heart dough bowl candle does all the work for you. Use it as a centerpiece for your kitchen or dining table, coffee table or accent table.
The best part is this can be reused for decor after the candle is finished, or you can get a refill kit and refill it. It’s also great neutral boho decor for spring and summer.  

Valentines Decor Idea 5 

Valentines candles for tiered tray decor

Use these best selling valentines candles on your tiered trays. I added a heart mug, gumball machine, mini pitcher, heart bag, and mini love letters. 

Valentines Decor Centerpiece Idea 6

Heartland wooden dough bowl with valentines decor

This is the new large heartland wooden dough bowl with some simple dough bowl decor fillers. The base is lambs ear picks and eucalyptus picks from hobby lobby, then I added some cotton and the heart fillers. I added a beaded garland for an accent piece to off center it. 

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