What is a dough bowl candle? Why you need one!

Dough bowl candle

What is a dough bowl candle? A dough bowl candle is a candle that is poured into wooden dough bowl, which is used for home decor most often. Dough bowls are hand carved from wood, and sometimes called trenchers. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. A dough bowl is a wooden vessel that was originally used to make dough for bread.

The Modern Distressed Black Dough Bowl Candle

Distressed black dough bowl candle


The Classic Antique Pine Dough Bowl Candle

Antique wooden dough bowl candle

A dough bowl candle is the new must have trending home decor candleDough bowl candles are unlike any other candle, because they are also stunning home decor while being a candle. Many dough bowl candles are large and hold much more wax than any jar candle, so they last much longer too.

You may be wondering why they are called dough bowls. Dough bowls were originally used in colonial America as a bowl for bread dough to rise prior to baking. It was found in every home, and often passed down through the family as a memory of the mother.

Why you need a dough bowl candle!

Dough bowls are used for home decor, like filling with dough bowl decor for a beautiful centerpiece. So I’ve taken dough bowls to use as candle vessels!

Reason 1
Dough bowl candles are larger and hold more wax than jar candles, so dough bowl candles last longer! They also have multiple wicks, which means it’s more powerful and can fill up larger spaces faster. They are perfect for that large, open living room! 

Reason 2.   
Dough bowl candles are not just for the fragrance. They are beautiful home decor pieces that can be a centerpiece for your table, or a statement piece. Plus, Strouds Simply Southern candles have a powerful scent throw, so you can smell the fragrance without it being lit! Which means you don’t have to light it to enjoy the smell. It’s a candle and home decor in 1!

Reason 3   
When your dough bowl candle is finished, you have a dough bowl to use for decor for years to come! It’s a reusable home decor piece that is meant to be repurposed. Check out this blog post on how to clean your dough bowl candle. Or you can refill it with my new refill kits! 


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