Why is Candle Wick Trimming Important and How to Trim Candle Wicks

Why is Candle Wick Trimming Important and How to Trim Candle Wicks

Candle Wick Trimming & Why it is So Important

Why is candle wick trimming so important and how do you trim your candle wicks properly? And do you have to trim your candle wicks? The answer is YES for many reasons. It may seem like a small action, but it makes a huge difference in the use of your soy candle. 

Trimming your candle wicks is the first thing you should do before EVERY burn of your soy candle, even when it’s brand new. It should be trimmed to about 1/4 of an inch.

Candle wick trimming can save you money because trimming the wick can prolong the candle life up to 30% and helps prevents tunneling. On top of that, pure soy candles already last up to 50% longer than other candle waxes. 

Reasons You Need to Trim Your Candle Wicks

  1. It prevents soot buildup. Even in all natural candles like these, soot can buildup on the wick if not trimmed. (It’s a very small amount compared to other candle types)
  2. The flame is smaller and not not flickering.  You do not want a huge flame for safety reasons.
  3. It helps the candle burn evenly and clean like it is designed to. 
  4. It helps the candle last even longer! (Plus, 100% Soy candles last up to 50% longer than other candle waxes).

Problems Caused by Not Trimming Candle Wicks

Not trimming your wick and leaving the wick long means you will have a larger flame which means it will melt more wax than it needs to, and burns more of the fragrance oils than needed. This causes a variety of problems. Burning more wax than it needs to will cause incomplete combustion, which creates more soot.  Soot is what turns your candle black and dirty. When the flame gets too long, it curls at the end, causing an uneven flame and for it to wave around. 

Less soot means a cleaner candle! Making it easier to reuse your dough bowl or jar after the candle is finished. 

Here is a video on what your candle looks like when you don't trim your candle wicks versus when you do trim the wicks. It also shows how I trim the wicks in the easiest way.

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