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About Stroud's Simply Southern

Meet the Maker and Owner, The Stroud Family

Welcome! I'm Lindsay, and this is my husband and 3 kids.  We live right outside Nashville, Tennessee. I'm also a middle school math teacher. I hand-pour candles right from my home. I started this business during the crazy lockdown of March 2020, since schools closed and I was suddenly home full time.  

I was so grateful to be home with my kids, and to still have a job. So I decided to use the money I was using for childcare to invest in starting a candle business, and follow my passion. That is how Stroud's Simply Southern was born! It started on Facebook, and then I created my own ecommerce store and website, and it has grown more than I could have ever imagined. My family loves helping out, but I am the maker, the packager, and everything in between, a solopreneur. 

Soy candle maker, mason jar candles

I have always loved soy candles and the mental health benefits, positivity, aesthetic, and love they bring to our homes. My dream to have a business became a reality when I decided to just go for it and start this business in May 2020 in my kitchen.

I spent months just researching and testing candles to find the best combination of natural ingredients + great scent throw (strong aroma) and unique vessels that can be home decor. I’m still running it from my home with the goal to have a candle studio and do this full time. 

I pride myself on bringing all of this to your home, allowing you to create an inviting, cozy home that fits you! I love using all natural soy wax because it’s eco friendly, healthy for your family and your home! I have created farmhouse candles that will completely fill up your home with the scent and aroma of your choice. Each fragrance is handcrafted carefully for the best quality and smell. If you want a candle that not only fills up your home, but is all natural and healthy, and serves as beautiful farmhouse decor, then this is the candle for you! home up and that is what I have created! Your support of my one woman run small business means so much to me and my family.  Shop small businesses if you value community and making an impact.

High Quality & All Natural Soy Candles

I pour my heart and soul into my business and am positive you will love my candles. Customer reviews speak for themselves, and my products  are 100% recommended with all 5 star reviews! All natural soy wax is used along with all natural cotton braided wicks. The carefully curated fragrance oils are handmade,  phthalate—free and blended with essential oils.   I ensure the scents are pure and true to their name and create a highly scented aroma. All of my candles are hand-poured in small batches for the highest quality you can have in a candle. Each candle is created to fill up your home while serving as classic farmhouse decor, and to have a positive effect on your emotional and mental health. Which is aromatherapy. Check out my blog to see benefits of burning my candles in particular. 

What Makes Our Soy Candles Unique?

I hand-pour every candle right from my home. I put love and hard work into my candles. Before I began making soy candles, I spent countless hours upon months researching and testing to get the best soy candle results, which is what I have made. I used my math and science background to create a candle that is truly one of a kind,  and is not on the market.  I hope to send that love from my home to yours!

There are many reasons why you should choose Stroud’s Simply Southern for your next candle. First, they are all natural and eco friendly. I use all natural soy wax, natural cotton wicks, and natural handcrafted essential and fragrance oils. Not all soy candles are all soy wax or natural soy wax, but rest assured mine are! No additives, perfumes, synthetic oils, or lead, and phthalate-free oils.

Second, They serve as beautiful farmhouse home decor, which is intentional. My farmhouse dough bowl candles are beautiful decor for your home as centerpieces, on tiered trays and displays, and more! They are also great for weddings, parties or special occasions. Each candle also serves as a decorative purpose. 

Third, Did you know soy wax burns 35-50% longer than paraffin wax? It’s made from soybeans, so it’s natural and supports Americas farmers. Since it’s all natural, it burns cleaner and provides a stronger fragrance when burned. My candles are eco friendly, and healthy for your home, and you! 

Lastly, My fragrances are carefully hand crafted for a powerful scent throw, quality and pureness. Essential oils are blended with the fragrance oils to get all of the wonderful choices of scents while enjoying the benefits of essential oils. Many of my scents are very unique and can’t be found elsewhere. I use the maximum amount of fragrance oil for the best scent throw. Since soy wax is natural, the oils combine with it perfectly compared to other waxes.  My candles fill up your space like a candle should! Check out reviews below! My customers and products speak for themselves.