How to Choose a Scent Online for your Farmhouse Soy Candles

A breakdown of scent categories and scents, and how to choose one when you are shopping for soy candles online. 

While scrolling through photos of all the farmhouse soy candles, the different wood dough bowl candles and mason jar candles, it may be easy to choose which one in appearance is your favorite, but the fragrance for your soy candle is not as easy to choose. 

If you like trying new scents and want to try out a variety of scents before purchasing a big jar candle or dough bowl candle, try the miniature mason jar candle bundle or the 5oz mini mason  jar candle set of 2. 
Candles are used in many places for many purposes. You may use one for a centerpiece for your table, relaxing in the tub, or for the ambience on a cozy night. Whatever the reason may be, you want it to smell great! You are attracted to different scent notes and profiles and drawn to certain fragrances. So how do you choose a soy candle online? That's what I’m about to help you with! 

I’m sure it’s no surprise that scents play an important role in our daily lives. Have you ever smelled a fragrance and it suddenly took you back to a memory or moment in your life? It‘s like a vivid dream you can remember so well!   It starts in our olfactory system where our brain makes fascinating connections between scent, memory, and emotions. Did you know that humans can discriminate a scent among more than a trillion different scents?

So it’s not surprise that the fragrance of a soy candle is one of the most defining characteristics of a candle. Scented soy candles can pull from our memories and build on our emotions adding to the mood in our homes just as much or more than music and color and even the sunshine!

Scent Categories 

Natural & Earthy Scents

These are earthy notes found in nature, sometimes describes as woody scents. This scent makes you think of warmth, coziness and being in nature. Cedar, sandalwood, pine, sage, tobacco and patchouli are earthy scents. Scents with these notes are:

• Antique Sandalwood

•Cedarwood Vanilla 

•Vanilla Sandalwood 

•Citrus and Sage

•Amber Driftwood

•Roasted Pine Cone

•Tobacco Caramel

•Mahogany Teakwood

•Cashmere Cedar


Fresh & Clean Scents

Think all things bright, revitalizing, and vibrant. This energizing scent can be fresh citrus, herbal, and clean aromas. Scents with these notes are:

•Citrus and Sage

•April Fresh Downy

•Beach Linen

•Volcano (very citrus)

•Amber and Driftwood

• Gain 

Sweet Scents

This scent can be described as comfort and indulgence. Do you love the smell of fresh baked deserts, or walking into a bakery? The creamy, buttery smell of a sweet vanilla is so good you want to eat it right away! Sweet scents typically have a sweet vanilla base in them, cinnamon, butter or sugar notes. Scents in this category are:

•Cinnamon Sugared Donut

•Fire Roasted Marshmallow

•French Vanilla

•Sugar and Spice

•Sweet Valentine Cookie

•Tobacco Caramel

•Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow 

•Brazilian Coffee and Sweet Sugar

•Pink Sugar

•Cashmere Cedar (Top Notes)

Floral & Soft Scents

Scents in this category are: 

•Forever Red

•Love Spell

•April Fresh Downy

•Lavender Vanilla Downy

•Pink Sugar

Fun Fact

Some scents are placed in two categories because they have notes in both categories. Candle Fragrances have 3 scent notes, top, middle and bottom. 

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