Candles that Elevate Your Home with Long Lasting Scent that Fills the Room

Non-Toxic, 100% soy candles that are made to move & expand throughout large spaces with their powerful aroma.

Fresh + New Spring Arrivals

Room Filling Aroma-Powerful Scent Throw

Crafted with your Home in Mind

Our candles are made to move throughout large spaces, and disperse evenly in your home for a room filling aroma. No more having to stand right next to the candle to smell it! And no more headaches with these clean candles.

A Clean Version of your Favorite Scents-Guilt & Worry Free

Vegan organic soy candles handpoured non toxic

Farmhouse Jar Candles

Dough Bowl Candles that Impress

We leave out the bad stuff..

that can cause you headaches, sensitivities, or allergies. We only use premium, clean ingredients made in the USA. Each candle is handpoured to order here in Nashville.

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We leave out the bad stuff..

that can cause headaches, sensitivities, and allergies. We carefully source the best, cleanest ingredients possible.