Best Non Toxic Candles - Soy Wax Candles

What makes the best non toxic candles?

Here at Stroud’s Simply Southern, we only use the highest quality ingredients that are all natural and vegan for a non toxic candle. Every ingredient is carefully sourced to ensure a 100% clean, pure soy candle. 


Vegan organic soy candles handpoured non toxic

Our soy wax candles contain pure organic soy wax from locally grown soybeans here in the USA. We use local, premium fragrance oils that are toxic free and 100% clean. They are phthalate-free with no dyes, additives or chemicals. Some scents are also blended with 100% pure, plant based essential oils for health benefits.

Most candles out there are toxic and contain harmful ingredients, especially the major brand candle companies. They use words like “wax blend” or “soy blend” to trick you and make you think they are natural and safe, when they are not! 

Here are some big candle brands that are NOT clean and contain toxic ingredients:

• Anthropology     
• Bath & Body Works       
• Target Candles             
• Yankee            
• Capri Blue               
• Wal-Mart Candles

If a candle brand isn’t transparent or doesn’t list all of the ingredients, or says “soy wax blend”, it contains paraffin wax, and most likely other chemicals. Most candle brands also use synthetic fragrances. These 2 ingredients are what can cause headaches, allergies and asthma when you burn these candles. 

That’s why Stroud’s Simply Southern created a candle that is clean and non-toxic! You deserve that in your home. Every candle is hand poured to order just for you, for the highest quality candle available on the market. 


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