Farmhouse dough bowl candles, aesthetic candles

Farmhouse Dough Bowl Candles

Elevate your home with modern farmhouse dough bowl candles and handcrafted fragrances.

Dough Bowl Candles

Modern Farmhouse Dough Bowl Candles combine home fragrance and home decor for an innovative soy candle. These candles are a must have, best selling modern farmhouse decorative candle. 

These are curated to make a statement in your home. Each dough bowl is hand carved individually, for a truly unique candle with the beautiful details of hand-carved wood. You will then have a dough bowl to reuse for home decor, or refill it with our super simple refill kit. 

Dough bowl candles that look good while filling your home with fragrance that is eco-friendly and 100% natural.

Dough Bowl Candles